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Group ride routes and start locations

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 9:33 pm
by rusto
A web page dedicated to this is in the works but until then, this thread will serve as the reference for the recurring ride routes and start locations. Submissions added by responding to this thread will be added to this post. Corrections are welcome!

  • These rides go off ONLY if someone specifically posts up, do not assume that anyone is doing the ride unless you see it posted.
  • If you are proposing a ride, include the ride name (or abbreviation), date and time in the subject of your posting.
  • Time of ride posted is CLIP IN and GO time. Arrive early if you need to prep your bike/yourself.
  • If bad weather is immenent, do yourself a favor and check the forum before heading out to see if the ride is canceled or a significant number or participants have begged off.
  • Post up if you will be a no-show, even if it's at the last minute.
  • If you posted a ride and you decide to bag because no one has responded that they will join you, post that you are not doing the ride - there may be a "lurker" who is coming but has not posted "in" for the ride.
TUESDAY MORNING BULLET TRAIN -- we do not organize this ride, it is run by the Monsters in the Basement club. Many of us attend on a somewhat regular basis in the summer months. Email if you would like more info




This ride along with the Friday Morning Ride constitutes the main MRC weekly group ride. We will have 2 (or 3, depending on turnout) groups, starting and ending at the same location but with a 2 minute gap in start time. The main group will leave at 5:32pm and ride in the mode of the traditional WNR from years past. That means paceline, as hard as individually desired on the hills, regroup as appropriate, no drop, obey all the accepted rules of the road. The main change this year is that there will be a first group that will leave at 5:30pm and is encouraged to ruthlessly attack, hammer, and otherwise inflict pain on each other while not waiting for any dropped riders (but also obeying all the accepted rules of the road!). Riders dropped from the A group will be swept up by the B group if necessary. If there will be a C group it will be announced before the start of the ride.

Please study the course -- there are several spots where shortcuts are possible, most notably at mile 13/19 where Oak Hill can be cut out. Anyone is encouraged to use the shortcuts as needed but of course if you are in the main group you need to let the group know so they don't wait for you later down the road. And load up those Garmins just in case!

Start time: 5:30pm (first group), 5:32pm (main group)
Start location: The parking lot at Highland Commons on the Berlin/Hudson town line, park in front of the 110 Grill
Post ride grub: At 110 Grill



The MRC FMR will start Friday, April 7. (Based upon the 5 -8 inches of snow that are forecast for this Friday, 3/31! :( )

The particulars:
  • Where: Lalajava, 290 W. Main St., Northborough
  • When: 6:30 AM (adjusted based upon sunrise as needed)
  • Route: 'MRC FMR - Lalajava (short)' {sans Old Bay} or 'MRC FMR - Lalajava (long)' {incl. Old Bay}
As has been standard FMR practice this is a no-drop ride with aggressive attacks on the hills followed by regrouping at the top. The route and start time will be announced in each week's post. Coffee and breakfast pastry following the ride at Lalajava.

MRC FMR - Lalajava (short)

MRC FMR - Lalajava (long)


Re: Group ride routes and start locations

Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 6:23 am
by rusto
I created a custom BB tag to allow posting of RideWithGps route maps. To use it, paste the route's URL (ex., then highlight that URL here in the post composition window, then click the new "rwgps" button (just above the post composition window).

Since this feature has been enabled, I don't think I'll need to create a separate web page for collecting and annotating our regular road routes.